Absorbent Mind

Practical life educationThe child from birth to six years of age is given a powerful tool, the ability to absorb everything.  Their learning is effortless and is often an unconscious acquisition.  For this reason, we carefully prepare the classroom and the learning that happens during this time of a child’s life.  We want to aid their development and create a foundation for lifelong enjoyment of learning.  We are very careful to not abuse this powerful tool.  We do not force a child to do work that they are not ready for nor teach information that will not aid them in their future.

Sensitive Periods

The child from birth to six goes through different sensitive periods.  These periods are when a child is drawn to this aspect of development and have an intensified ability to acquire these skills.

The four sensitive periods experienced from three to six are:

  • Language
  • Control of Movement
  • Refinement of Senses
  • Order

The Montessori materials are designed to meet the needs of children to acquire these skills.  The teachers are trained to observe when the child is experiencing one of these sensitive periods and connect the child to materials that will meet their needs.

Freedom to Education

Learning freedom to education

The child is given the freedom to choose their own work in the classroom, to use the material for as long as they wish, and take it out as many times as they wish.  The child has internal guides and we trust that the child will choose the work that meets their needs.  When the child is unable to choose their own work, the teacher helps the child gain the ability to do so by providing appropriate choices.

The child is free to do what is right.  The child learns the rules and responsibilities that accompany this freedom.  Children are given guiding discipline while learning the rules and how to act appropriately.  By giving children freedom it allows them to develop self-confidence, positive social interactions, and self-discipline.