Our Program

Principles based on children's natural developmentParents often have concerns about putting their young child in a program that seems very demanding.  On the contrary!  The Montessori classroom is based upon principles that aid a child in their natural development.  The work and achievements made bring great joy and satisfaction to the child.  For the young child, this work is what helps them to build who they are as a person.  The greatest achievements in life are those of the three to six year old child.  The big smiles and strong pronunciations of joy when a child obtains a new skill, confirms how much they desire the opportunities presented to them in a Montessori classroom.

Five Days a Week

A child settles in faster to the program when attending continuous days.  If the child only attends school two days per week, they take much longer to settle into the rules and flow of the program.  Consistency is key for the young child.

Three Hours

Optimal learning through three hour periodsThe optimal learning environment is when the children are given three hours of uninterrupted Montessori work.  When the children enter at the beginning of class, they usually greet each other and tend to choose easy, comfortable work.  After this, they experience a time of restlessness, and will then choose their greatest work.  This will be something that challenges them and they feel a great sense of accomplishment.  At the end of this work the child goes through a period of contemplation where the learning is solidified in their mind.  It is only when the child is given three hours of uninterrupted work that they will do their greatest learning. For this reason, we have three hour classes and do not disturb the children’s learning with long, large group times.  Small group lessons are given throughout the class to encourage conversation and expansion of knowledge in the extension areas.